Two Piece Swimsuit

The two piece swimsuit is a hot item. It is so provocative that it is almost always associated with a woman’s sexiness. After all, it seems that only women with the best figures can flaunt their beautiful bodies in a bathing suit, much more a two-piece type. This type of beachwear, aptly named for its primary function as apparel for activities in the water, has also found its way outside the beach or swimming pool areas. Today, you can see women wearing bikinis on beauty pageants, athletics, or just about anywhere where it is acceptable or practical. This sexy apparel may range from the most modest variants to the most body-exposing micro bikini styles.

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More skin, more movement

One of the main features of this two-piece garment is that it can allow the wearer to move freely. Skin exposure is also very practical especially for those who want to sunbathe. A bikini, as it is most commonly called, is based on the traditional undergarments of women, the brassiere and the panty. They consist of two parts, the top, which covers the breasts, and the bottom, which covers the groin and the buttocks. This bathing suit is almost always matching and is designed to feature the shape of the wearer, although some designs help shape it. This type of clothing is famous around the world and is actually and widely considered as the most popular, if not the official, standard form of clothing in beach resorts or swimming areas.

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The bomb after the war

Before, as with any other garment, swimwear pieces were modest, often covering the whole body while attempting to let it move freely in the water. As practicality dictated the need of a new design which will allow the swimmer to move freely, bathing suits slowly evolved into the sexy apparel that they are today. The modern two-piece swimwear officially “shook” the world during the 1940s, when French designers Louis Reard and Jacques Heim released their design which was modeled by a nineteen year-old Micheline Bernardini. The design was a hit, although of course, it took some time before it was accepted by the public as a form of clothing that it is now.

Wearing a two-piece

The swimsuit style is indeed a hit in beaches worldwide. If you are planning to wear one, always remember to choose the design that first, will suit your body, and second, the one which you will feel comfortable wearing. It does not matter if it actually looks good on you. If you do not feel good wearing it, then it will not look good.

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